Six Sound Story

An Opportunity

  • This is based on a project called the Six Sound Contest.
  • Each school will have a page to submit their six sound submissions.
  • Once all submissions are received, participating classes will be paired to vote on the overall best six sound story from their partner class.
  • Rules will follow. Permission was received from the Christopher Shamberg one of the original Six Sound Contest authors at NJAET.
    • You must use all of the sounds.
    • You may use a sound more than once.
    • You cannot use any other sound effects.
    • You can manipulate the six sounds—i.e., trim them, add effects such as changing the pitch or speed.
    • Your story must be a minute or less.
    • It can be true life, drama, comedy, detective, adventure, action, fantasy, or science fiction.
    • The topic must be in line with something that the principal, pastor, and the superintendent of schools would be proud to listen to.
    • The story can have characters and a narrator, just characters, or just a narrator.
    • File must be submitted as an mp3.
    • Teachers and students can create multiple entries or collaborate on entries.
    • Do not include any personal information in the recording.
    • Files must be submitted by a teacher.
  • Registration is open through the March 24, 2017. Story writing can begin as soon as you register. The project will close May 12, 2017.

The Next Steps

  • Please complete this form to have your students become part of this project.
  • Students can work in small groups to write the script which must be sixty seconds or less including sound effects. The teacher approves the script.
  • Students utilize a computer with microphone and Audacity, GarageBand, or other tool to record the script and insert sounds. Students utilize the rubric before creating the final MP3 file.
  • The class listens to all stories and votes for the top submission.
  • Each teacher is required to upload the Six Sound Stories as MP3 files to this wiki on the class page.
  • Create a free Wikispaces account and ask to join the wiki. Once you join you will have editing privileges for the page.
  • Use THIS link to watch a videos with directions for Windows, Chromebooks, and Macs for support in creating the sounds files. You may want to ask your school technology integration specialist for assistance.
  • The classes will vote on the best story overall from their partner class the week of May 15, 2017


  • Use the following rubric to review the submissions and choose for the top submission from your partner school.
4 Points
3 Points
2 Points
1 Point
Clear and audible with no background noises
Clear and audible with some background noises
Three or fewer words were unclear or difficult to understand
More than four words were unclear or difficult to understand
Sounds used effectively
All six sounds used appropriately in the story
At least five sounds were used in the story
At least four sounds were used in the story
Three or fewer sounds were used in the story
Consistent story line and appropriate tone for Catholic school
Consistent story line
Story line was a little confusing
There was no apparent story line
Audio levels and track mixing done relatively seamlessly
The sounds and voice recordings were at different levels but it could be listened to without changing the volume control
The sounds and voice recordings were at different levels AND the volume control needed to be changed to be able to listen
Awkward, uneven, or inexplicable changes in sound or track – there may have been patches of silence during the recording
Length of Story
50-60 seconds in length
61-70 seconds in length
30-49 seconds in length
Less than 30 or more than 71 seconds in length
Rubric used with permission of original six sound project author.